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31 December 2011 @ 05:55 pm
New Year's Eve.  

Oh, you thought I was gonna talk about the movie? HAHA no. 

Okay, that wasn't funny. at all 

Anyways, It's New Year's Eve! 2011 is coming to an end! That was fast! It has been a really fast paced year! I actually planned to list out all the events thaticanstillremember here. But, I'm feeling a tiny bit lazy. *grins* =D

Let's sum it all up according to months! HEHE! It's always easier this way. 

Stayed in the same class as the previous year. Nothing changed. Had problems with a friend. Didn't talk to her. Birthday, pretty much plain. Can't remember much other than studying. ._____. 

Chinese New Year? Yeap. We went to KK and stayed there for.... 4 days? Valentine's Day. It's the first time I made chocolates for my buddies. I made a lot! HEHE! It's those they call... what was it again? Tomo-choko? Idk. HAHANational Day. Red Crescent. Had duty for it. Skipped class a lot since I need to practice for National Day. I just remembered. Once, when we were heading out of school, I met the school councillor president (who is always having a straight face) , my friend and I greeted him and.... he tripped over the step. We tried not to laugh until we were at a distance. =P HAHA Happy moments. =') 

We had our first assessment? Not much memory about March. sadly. HAHA. probably just some small events. *shrugs*

Sports Day! =D Duty. Made Melonpan on Yamapi's birthday. Cried in the morning of that day in school. I can still remember that. -_- honestly sigh. That 'friend' was the only who would make me cry in school. ONLY her. And, for several times. I bet I looked like a crybaby. 

What happened here? Probably lot's of studying and extra class. Mid Year Exam! right right. Or was that June? HAHA

HMMMMMM.... I can't remember anything at all. .___. Was it June I had the first round Chemistry Quiz Competition?

BNCQ. Brunei National Chemistry Quiz. Yeap. We made it third. On that very day of the finals, we had  Mathematics NSW ,(which i got distinction, with careless mistakes. *proud*), in the morning at around  6am. (Went to school at 5 ++). Then the Finals at around 9am or so. Then, in the afternoon, Practical Mock exam, Physics. Where I somehow cheated with the genius in school. HEH. He asked me. Not the other way! >=D Japanese Speech Contest!

Mock Examination? Or was it holidays? I don't know. 

Tons of extra classes. Mock Exam either here or August. HAHA. Not much that I can remember. -_-

Beginning of O Levels. Had it tough in the beginning with all the tough subjects all put together in the beginning. =( 

O Levels here was pretty relaxed. We had TONS of free time. In which, I spent by watching Arashi videos. *grins* I lost motivation in studying. My start to Arashi fandom for the second time. NEWS becoming 4 member. I still love NEWS kay? Just, since they are kinda not that active, Arashi stole my heart. *hugs and kisses Aiba* HAHA Graduation. =') Farewell party for Matsushita-sensei!

Holidays! WEEEEE~ Daily dose of either anime/manga/drama/variety shows. Either those, or I was either out with friends, baking, shopping with family, sleeping. HAHAHA. Yes, a very lazy month! But, it's the time for me to relax. I mean, while the others (some) are still having their holidays next month and so. I'm going to school next year. A new school. First day, orientation day, ON MY BIRTHDAY. How sad is that!? HAHA. Yes, I'm going to the first intake. So that I can learn about the school first and all. Getting used to it. (Gonna polish skills in making new friends!)

So, that's my summary of 2011's 365 days. There's 365 days this year right? AHAHA. 2012, here I come. Yoroshiku~ New beginning, new school, new friends, new experiences. Sounds.... good, bad, scary, exciting. Unexplainable feeling! HAHA.  

Yes, off to get ready to watch Kouhaku later! Arashi and Mao! WOOOO! Sho on Piano! <3 Aiba's not short yet not long, current hairstyle. Oh darling. <3

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