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31 December 2012 @ 08:20 pm
End of year post ritual  

Happy New Year's Eve everyone! I'm typing this as I watch Kohaku! <

New school, new friends. Not much impression on January. Studies as usual? Not many new friends. So, lonely me? HAHA

School goes on, Chinese New Year, went to Kuching. Came back, waiting for O Levels result to come out. It finally did, a week or so holidays, school started again

The official intake of school. Re-met friends i met in January, made more new friends. Got more friends, joined the "Chinatown". Went for camp during the holidays. Met more people. Lot's of going out. Became closer to the people from school who also went to the camp with me. Soon, started having a crush with one of the guys. 

Crush goes on, but no one knows about it. Feelings grew. He probably still had a girl he liked at the time. Or so I thought. I Things happen, cried and laughed a lot. Cried to bed for the first time because of him. Felt feelings being led on? 

Japanese came to my school. It was a hell of a week. It was really awesome! Feelings grew stronger. Confessed. 私の初彼氏. 

I helped my best friend at that moment and they got together as a couple.  

Went through life, we had fights. We got closer. I sneaked into his house, next week, he came to mine. 私の初キス. 

More fights..? Exams, family, him. Best friend and me faded away. She became closer with other people... 

Exams. His birthday. My father. A month of tears i guess. Chosen at President for Japanese Club.

Preparation for exams exams and more exams.

More exams and exams. Not much good times during exams. Friends become distant. No one I can talk to from heart to heart. Except for him. As President, I chose for the club to sing Furusato during CCA Appreciation Day. <3 

Time out from reality. Finally I could be able to update myself with Arashi. Spent time with precious people to me. My best friend, Farah and him. Bullshits happened. Cried again. 

That's about all. yes, to be honest, the things that happen, I don't remember as much now. I wonder why. I'm moving on? No longer holding onto those shitty feelings, bad times. I'm looking forward. These feelings, I learnt from Arashi. My inspiration. 

I hope 2013 will be a better year. This year had been filled with many firsts. At the same time, the most tears i shed in this last 10 years of my life. Most laughter? I don't know. I hope that in 2013, our family would be better. My relationships with friends will get better. I will be able to change myself to be a better person. I wish we will be able to bond more, I can understand him better, and him, me. I hope for a better 2013 than 2012. More happiness that can overcome the happiness i felt this year. <3

Until next time! :