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25 March 2012 @ 12:57 am
Last day of my 10-day holidays!  

So, this is my first quite productive holiday where I actually spend last time at the laptop. =D There's improvement! HEHE YEAH BUDDY!

So, for the first 3 days, I had camp. I think I mentioned? HAHA
I went to camp, and IT WAS AWESOME! <3 All the new people I met, all so nice and friendly! HEHE WOOO and it was really fun! <3 
We played all the different games and it was fun! We even had amazing race! My first one ever! =D 

I was put into the tribe Cowboys. YEAHHH! THEY ARE THE BEST TRIBE EVER! evenifwedidntwinintheend The people in here are noisy, fun, hyper, understanding, helpful and supporting! Yeah, I love them all. ;) Cowboys FTW. I don't know how many times have I said that. :P I really enjoyed being in this particular tribe! There are other tribes too like Ninja, Pirates and Robots. Yes, namewise, i wanted Ninja. You know, the Japanese feel. ;) But, being in cowboys, i realized it's better here. HEHE. and my friends from school are also here! I met seniors too. Awesome people! <3 

Our war cry/battle cry: Don't stop kickin' till the clock stops tickin'! Cowboys For The Win! YEEEHAAWWW! <3

HEHE. awesome! i remembered the others were long and had scripts. Ninja's went "like the boss" all the time. Yeahh buddy, Cowboys are awesome! I have now found love for cowboys. HAHA wooooooo
Picture taken on the first day, BUT, our leader is the one taking this particular picture... =( 

Leader A is awesome! HAHA! and extremely funny! :P I know him since I was kinda young but i doubt he remember me. :P We used to go to the same tuition. HAHA 

Oh, and one thing about the cowboys, the guys in it are eyecandy! WOOO The leader, plus the two holding the flag above are all really tall, bulky and *cough* hot. HAHA Don't worry, my hormones are fine, I'm not having a crush on them. surprisingly. :P And, they have good personality! *thumbsup* The leader and the tanned one is taken though. IDK about the extremely tall one, with the height of 186cm.. ?(can't remember. =P) 

The girls, are awesome! I like them all! WT, NS and M. Y's always been awesome! <3 

YEAHHH BUDDDEHH. I love this picture. Only my hair looks terrible! -.- Yes, we had water games right before this. All the chlorine! Then again, my hair's always, imperfect. HAHA

Oh, and the picture we took on the last day.

The one with the kid is our leader! =D The kid, is not his though. He's only 20 i think. HAHAH. 

And, 3 days of camp ended, oh, I miss the fun.

Next few days, HOMEWORKKK. Oh, the horror! 
I mean, LOOK AT MY ACCOUNTING HOMEWORK!! THE PAPERS REACH UP TO 0.3 cm thick! We can't even measure a piece of paper with a ruler! -.- 

YES! And that is just accounting! -.- 

I went out with my PTEM-ians friends and watched The Hunger Games. On the first day itself when the movie was out in the cinemas here. It's my first time watching a blockbuster! HAHA It was nice! Some parts, oh the people's effects made me laugh! HAHA 

Then, immediately, the next day, I went out with my friend from SAS, L, to watch The Vow! WOOO I never went out twice straight! and, this was a really last minute plan! After the movie, I joined Y and we went to meet up with the cowboys! WOOO Yes, we met up to eat at a sushi restaurant! HEHE 
here's Salmon for lovers. HAHA

Yes, we talked more than we ate and it was funny. I don't know who started it or we went high on salmon or something first, but somehow we all ended up going crazy. we joked, laughed so much, my stomach hurts! HAHA and it was ongoing! Funny people! I remember one where we were at a restaurant then idk how, they started talking about Justin Bieber and they started makings names of him and soon started to talk about this Youtuber who made a parody of JB's songs. Gosh, YC literally memorized it! HAHA :P Then, another one was when Y's phone suddenly rang in the leader's car and he was like, "Do I hear a baby crying in my car?" There's only, me, Y, WT and him in car so it was funny! Her ringtone was Pikachu's "Pika- pika-pikachuu" HAHA her phone stopped soon so he didn't catch it. The second time it rang, he said ,"The baby sounds like it's really hungry!" "You didn't feed your Tamagochi?" HAHAHA Gosh. I couldn't stop laughing! :P

And, after the awesome night, I stayed at home the next day. awwww. HAHA. 

I really had fun this holidays! glad, my life isn't filled with boredom... It makes me wonder how I lived life last time.. HAHA 
anyways, i need to go. it's coming 1 am here and i'm getting tired. HAHA

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